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            Tight supply of goods in the year butadiene rose in concussion

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            In 2016, the overall market price of butadiene in the outer market maintained a volatile upward trend. Compared with last year, the market price was significantly higher. Most of the time, it operated above the annual average price of last year. Especially at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth quarter, the price of butadiene in the outer market also reached the year's high. Among them, the overall supply reduction in Asia this year has relatively obvious support for the butadiene market. According to statistics of Zhuo Chuang information, up to now, the average price of CFR China for butadiene is $1073 / ton, up about 11% year on year. During the year, the market high appeared at US $1640 / T in mid October, and the low appeared at US $755 / T at the beginning of the year.

            In the first quarter, the upward trend was obvious, and the market trading atmosphere was fair. In January, affected by the Spring Festival holiday, the overall market trend was weak and stable. Some domestic downstream manufacturers stopped or decreased during the Spring Festival, with limited consumption of butadiene, poor purchasing enthusiasm, and more goods flow to downstream factories in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. However, after the Spring Festival holiday, with the gradual recovery of market demand in China and the plan for the storage and maintenance of some butadiene plants, the number of goods available for sale in Asia is limited. Although some overseas goods are transported to the Asian market, the market supply is supplemented, the market speculation mentality remains, and the price remains relatively high. However, with the market price rising, the downstream manufacturers are more resistant to the high price supply, and the market negotiation atmosphere is a little general. At the end of the first quarter, the market price of the external market slightly fell. According to Zhuo Chuang information, the average price of butadiene CFR in China in the first quarter was 898 US dollars / ton, up 13.95% year on year.

            In the second quarter, the price was lower and the range of price fluctuation was limited. After the upward trend in the first quarter, the trend of butadiene market in the second quarter was relatively small. At the beginning of the second quarter, most of the manufacturers digested the initial inventory, and the downstream manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan had limited enthusiasm in purchasing. With the supplement of some offshore goods sources, the number of available goods sources in the market was large. Affected by the rumors of low price transaction, the market price of butadiene in Asia was significantly lower. Under the low market operation, domestic downstream manufacturers received more goods. In April, more than 20000 tons of goods were sold to China, most of which were raw materials in downstream factories. Due to the large number of domestic arrivals in May, most of the downstream manufacturers have prepared the supply for may or even longer, and their enthusiasm for receiving goods in the later stage is limited. Under the drag of poor buying, the market price correspondingly fell. According to Zhuo Chuang information, the average price of butadiene CFR in China in the second quarter was US $1037 / ton, down 9.96% year on year.

            In the third quarter, the market as a whole rose significantly, showing a completely reverse trend compared with last year. Due to the relative concentration of equipment maintenance in Asia and the impact of typhoon, some equipment failures and the delay in the arrival time of overseas goods, resulting in the tight supply of goods in the market and relatively obvious price support. During this period, the number of offshore goods transactions in Asia was large, mainly due to the reduction of supply caused by the equipment maintenance. Due to the overall market price in the third quarter has been at a high level in the year, some downstream manufacturers are relatively cautious about receiving high price goods. In the third quarter, CFR China's average price of butadiene was US $1125 / T, up 10.83% year on year.

            In the fourth quarter of 2014, the market of butadiene external market rose significantly, especially in October, with a relatively prominent performance and a significant increase in the price rise compared with the previous period. One of the most important factors is the temporary shutdown of Singapore shell butadiene plant at the end of September. Due to the relatively tight supply of goods in the Chinese market from August to September, the supply of goods in Asia is not loose, and it needs to be supplemented by some offshore goods. The temporary shutdown of Singapore shell butadiene plant stimulated the sensitive nerves of the market, and the price went up uncontrollably. In just a few weeks, the price reached the highest point in the market in the year. Of course, as the price gradually goes higher, the cost pressure of downstream manufacturers becomes more and more obvious, and the mentality of resisting high price supply increases. However, under the support of tight supply, the price downward space is limited, and the bottom support is strong.

            Key:Tight supply of goods in the year butadiene rose in concussion