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            Accelerate the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of coating industry

            Time:2018-03-27 Clicks:

            This year, due to the adjustment of real estate, automobile and other important markets, the coating industry is facing the dual pressure of economic growth downward and cost rising, and the requirements of employment, environmental protection and safety are higher and higher, which further aggravates the brutal competition in the coating market. The trend of industry merger and reorganization of survival of the fittest and wave of sand is gradually becoming clear. In such a complex economic environment, it also accelerates the arrival of the key period of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China's coating industry: domestic demand will continue to expand, technological innovation will become the main theme of industry development, and clean production, energy conservation and environmental protection, circular economy, high functionality and other processes or products will become the new growth point of industry development.

            However, "winter" is not the end, because hope is just around the corner. The so-called "cold winter" is just a season of adjustment and integration under the policy adjustment. Such a season contains infinite hope. We can look beyond the "cold winter" to see the hope: no matter the current industry is affected by various pressures of rising raw materials, and the situation in other fields such as architectural coatings, marine coatings and so on is how bad, China's coating industry is still a high growth industry with a lot of business opportunities and hopes.

            The transformation from single function to multiple function of coating products

            Experts believe: even if it is cold, there will still be high growth enterprises in the industry, or emerging enterprises, new business models. How do these enterprises know their own winter and make effective winter plan to achieve sustainable growth? In the face of the current industry downturn, the mainstream coating enterprises are upgrading their products, energy conservation and environmental protection gradually become the industry trend, and industrial upgrading is also accelerating, which will help China's coating industry to have a solid foundation and enhance competitiveness 。

            With the improvement of consumption level and the change of consumption concept, consumers' demand for coatings is gradually changing from the original single function and single product to the diversified function. Coating products that can make consumers feel the charm of science and technology, obtain color and emotional experience and conform to the green trend will be more popular in the market.

            No matter what the shuffling result is, the coating enterprises should always understand that the product quality is the core demand of consumers, constantly innovate and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and walk in the forefront of the times. Even if the cost rises, the coating enterprises must increase the price to be recognized by consumers.

            Key:Accelerate the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of coating industry